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Read the membership details below, right click the image and save then print or print to file or pop by the club on a Sunday morning for a hard copy 


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Surname: _______________________________________

First Name: ______________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

______________________________Post Code:_________

Tel. No:__________________________________________

Email address:____________________________________

Please note: communications, including newsletters, are sent by email



Type of membership required (see over for details)______________________________________

Family £100, Individual £80, Student/Junior £50, Senior £50,

Family Training Package £400, Individual/Junior Training Package £250

Non-sailing £30

Full fees are reduced by half if joining after 1st September                 Membership fee:  £______________


Family members: (Please give ages for children only)

Name:                                       Age:          Name:                                     Age:

_______________________       ____          ______________________       ____

_______________________       ____          ______________________       ____                                   

Boat Park:                                                                                                      

***We must have the boat type and sail number for all boats stored at the club***

1st boat: £30         Type____________  Sail no:_____________ Hull colour___________

2nd boat £15         Type____________  Sail no:_____________ Hull colour___________

Sailboard £5        Type____________  Sail no:_____________ Hull colour___________

NB: non-members' boat park fee is £365 per year, charged by the day from 1st April.

                                                                                                Total boat park fees:    £_____________

Use of Club Boats:                                                                                                                           

£75 for any type of member. Members are asked to sign for any boat taken on

the water, and will be expected to de-rig and put away all equipment.

Membership cards may be asked for. Club boat fee is not reduced for membership

starting after 1st September.                                                       Club boats fee:           £_____________                    


Joining Fee:       New members: student/junior/senior: £6, all others £10                      £_____________


Late Fee:            For existing members if not paid by March 31 -                                    £_____________

                           student/junior/senior £6, all others £10                                                                      

Keys: Deposit for key to access boat parks and sailing gear (see overleaf) £10             £_____________

Car stickers: If you would like a car sticker (no charge for this year), please tick here  _______________

Fees may be paid by cheque payable to Banbury Cross Sailing Club  q

or by bank transfer to account number (REQUEST FROM COMMITTEE)      Total: £_____________


Please read the rules and conditions overleaf before signing.

Signed:  ________________________________  Date:________________________

Forward to the Secretary:

BCSC, Alice Palmer


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Please read

By signing this form you agree to the following rules and conditions.


  • I do/do not permit my address and phone number to be held on computer for the sole use of the sailing club. If this is not marked it is assumed that you agree.

  • I do/do not permit my phone number only to appear on a list to be circulated to other members only. If this is not marked it is assumed that you agree.

  • I do/do not permit my email address to appear on a list to be circulated to other members only. If this is not marked it is assumed that you agree. (If at any time you want any of your Information removed please inform the club Secretary in writing)

  • I agree to abide by the club rules, racing rules and sailing instructions and any regulations made by the Executive Committee under these rules.

  • Junior members must be supervised by a responsible parent/guardian at all times.

  • I agree to help with at least one bosun's workparty during the year.

  • I agree to keep my boat fully insured at all times it is on the club premises/water.

  • Membership cards should be carried at all times when visiting the club.

  • Photographs or video taken at BCSC may be used in any appropriate media relating to the club.


Boats/boards/trailers/trolleys may only be left on the club’s premises if the boat/board is registered with the club, a membership fee has been paid by the owner and a boat park fee has been paid for that boat/board. Any boat/board/trailer/trolley left on the Club premises is left entirely at the owner’s risk and the Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage. The Committee reserve the right to remove or reposition any boat/board/trailer trolley or other equipment should it be required. If at any time the boat park fees payable to the club by any member or former member become one month or more in arrears, or are not paid by the renewal deadline of 31 March,

the club shall be entitled, upon giving one month's notice in writing to the member or former member at his last known address shown in the register of members, to sell the boat and deduct any monies due to the club (whether by way of arrears or subscription, boat park fees or otherwise) from the proceeds of sale before accounting for the balance (if any) to the member or former member. Alternatively, any boat which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee cannot be sold may, upon such notice as aforesaid, be broken up and the expenses recovered from the member or former member. Further, the club shall at all times have a lien over the boat in respect of arrears of subscription or boat park fees or otherwise.


Membership types:

Junior members are 18 and under. Student members are in full-time education. Seniors are over 60. Training packages include membership, use of club boats and a training course to RYA Level 2.



Access to the compound is by combination lock, whose number will change each year. Access to the boat parks and changing rooms is by key. Due to the cost of keys, a deposit of £10 is required. This will be fully refunded on return of the key when you no longer require it. Please add £10 in the relevant place on the front of the form if you require a key, and arrange to collect it by phoning the membership secretary to meet them at the club. You will be asked to sign for the key.